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The Early Learning Camp is a unique nursery based in Exhall, Coventry. Our primary aim is to ‘Prepare’ all children for primary school and beyond.

We are here to help your child explore the world and be prepared for the exciting adventure ahead of them. The Early Learning Camp will be an integral part of your child’s early learning and we are therefore committed to creating a wonderful environment that will nurture their development.

We believe in holistic child development which is achieved through our stimulating indoor and outdoor environment. All children learn the steps for a successful life through our American style approach which includes so much more than a traditional nursery environment. We believe that the closer children are to nature, the happier they will be which results in better learning opportunities. Children are free to explore nature which heightens their creative and imaginative play and they will experience learning in a physically, mentally, emotionally healthy and above all fun way.

Children are able to connect with the natural world and have first-hand experiences of life and growth. The countless benefits of learning in an outdoor environment has a positive effect on the lives of children. The freedom of the outdoor area makes learning enjoyable for everyone.

Our ‘American Camp’ style nursery provides further opportunities to improve children’s health, fitness and physical development, which is vital for children’s emotional health. This is a significant benefit of your child joining The Early Learning Camp.

Our pledge to you is that your child will experience the joy of learning through hands on experiences that will allow your child to reach their full potential and develop into a confident and responsible individual and activate their own desire to learn.

We welcome children from 6 weeks to pre-school age between the hours of 7.45am to 6.00pm.

We have a highly qualified staff team, many of whom are mothers and grandmothers themselves and therefore we fully respect and understand the trust that parents place in us. Our staff have a passion for outdoor learning and understand how to make each day exciting and fun, whilst covering all areas of the EYFS.

The early years in a child’s life are precious and our aim is to makes these years special and magical, where imagination is good thing and where a child can develop to their full potential and create the most wonderful of memories.

We have an open-door policy so please call in, meet the team and have a look round the setting. You will be able to see that The Early Learning Camp is the best choice both for your child and for you.

We encourage learning and development through play experiences. We observe children’s interests to plan for their next steps whilst building positive relationships in a safe, secure and stimulating environment.
— Helen Slater, Director

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We are pround to anncounce we are the only nursery in Coventry, Bedworth or Nuneaton who has achieved a Millie’ s Mark Award. This makes us the safest place for children to attend in the area.

For more information download the below pdf:


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Key EYFS Skills

My role within the nursery is that of a Head Teacher. I like to help the children understand numbers in a fun way. We choose ways to do things, find out things and explore.

We have so much fun exploring and developing our mathematical understanding through a range of games and toys; we use jigsaws, shape sorters, sorting games and counting activities.

With the help of the staff, we encourage the children to use mathematical language, explore mathematical concepts and share with each other. We find new ways every day to develop these skills both indoors and outdoors.

I also ensure all our children are safe and secure.

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Key EYFS Skills
Expressive Arts and Design

My role within the nursery is to help the children with Expressive arts & design. We love to explore different sensory experiences such as gloop, water and moon sand. With the help of the staff we provide mark making opportunities and also put meaning to the marks we are making. We really enjoy all the arts & craft activities available and have so much fun getting messy!

I have a passion for acting, music and dance and take great pride in encouraging the children to sing, dance, act and express themselves. The children are always willing to have a go at new things and choose the way in which they want to do things. The imagination of a child is a wonderful thing, and at The Early Learning Camp there are no boundaries to where our imaginations can take us.

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Key EYFS Skills
Physical Development

Hi, I am Eli and I love the outdoors - climbing, running, forest trekking and games. This is just what I need for my physical development. I have so many opportunities here to do all the things I love to do.

The staff are a great support and then have helped me to become more independent through all the fun activities available. I really enjoy achieving new things every day. Come along to The Early Learning Camp and see for yourself all the fun things we can do. The outside areas are amazing, it’s like our very own forest.

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Key EYFS Skills
Literacy and Expressive Arts and Design

Hi, my name is Peyton and I just love to read and write. The Early Learning Camp have so many books and I love to sit in our indoor reading garden looking through them or having story time with my friends in the outdoor reading area.

I have learned so much and really enjoy Jolly Phonics sessions and learning letter formation. The staff are great and have encouraged me to keep trying and to concentrate.

Reading has helped me so much with my imagination and I also love the weekly Drama Tots sessions where I can be as imaginative as I want. We have our own ‘Hollywood Stage’ where we can act, sing and dance.

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Key EYFS Skills
Communication and Language

Abel is our baby bear. He is fun loving, adventurous and curious. He loves listening to all the children, mimicking and copying their speech sounds. Communication & Language is encouraged with all the babies at The Early Learning Camp, from sounds to simple words, two words and eventually a simple sentence.

At the Early Learning camp there are lots of group activities to meet the children’s own interests and needs. Small group activities help to build our confidence and build friendships.

Our baby bears love our weekly Jo Jingles sessions. These sessions encourage learning and development by having fun exploring music and physical activity.

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Key EYFS Skills
Understanding the World

My names is Rufus and I am Grandpa Brown.  I have travelled all around the world, seen many amazing places and met many wonderful people along the way.  I have experienced all kinds of different cultures.  I like to share my experiences with the children; to help them understand the world and the people and communities within it.   I like to encourage the children to be independent and choose their own way to do things.

Additionally, I like to talk to the children about the places I have been; we use globes and world maps to point out different places and talk about them. I have many a tale to tell!  We also encourage others to send us postcards from their travels around the world!

I have come across many professions in my time and like to invite some into the nursery to meet the children and talk about their jobs - for example Dentists, Fire Officers, Police.

I like to encourage the children to be independent and choose their own ways to do things. 

We love to go outside, with our binoculars and explore the area to see what we can find.  The world is a wonderful place and there is no shortage of opportunities to explore it.

I believe it’s important for the children to use their imagination especially from a young age as their young minds are full of magic and wonder, anything is possible, and I hope that feeling stays with them throughout their lives.


Key EYFS Skills
Personal, Social and Emotional Development

I am Grandma Brown, and my name is Eliza. I support all the children with their personal, social and emotional development. I encourage the children to make relationships and manage their feelings and behaviour. The children all have a key person at the nursery who will form a bond with them and their parents and help support their learning and development.

At The Early Learning Camp we always value a child’s ideas and provide choice for them to follow their own interests. We also introduce routines and encourage sharing, turn taking and teamwork.

The children all enjoy achieving what they set out to do.

I am passionate about the environment and the part we all play in it and we encourage the children to take an interest and learn about the wonders of nature.

I like to cook and love growing my own vegetables in our outdoor area. The children all help to plant seeds, water them and watch them grow. Sometimes, the rabbits get lovely vegetable treats from our allotment area.

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Safeguarding Children at The Early Learning Camp - Information for Parents

We are committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of each child.

We work within the framework of the Children’s Act 1989 and the Children’s Act 2004 which promote interagency working to safeguarding children.

We log all accidents on baby days so that parents can be told of any minor accidents their child/children may have had during the day.

Please tell a member of staff about any bruising, injury or accident that your child has had outside of Nursery. It is in your child’s best interest that we are aware of these matters; we are concerned not only with their learning but also their well-being.

If information is shared in an open and honest way between parents and staff then many concerns can be resolved quickly.

If we feel that further information is needed, we are required to report our concerns to social services. This is not an accusation but a request for clarification. We will always speak to you about this, unless we have a serious concern of significant harm or sexual abuse, in these situations we will seek advice from social services in the first instance.

We aim to provide a safe environment for all the children and your cooperation on all aspects of this is very important.

If you are concerned about the wellbeing of any child or suspect the child is being, or is at risk of being neglected, physically, emotionally or sexually abused DO NOT KEEP THESE CONCERNS TO YOURSELF, please speak to your child’s key person or a senior member of staff at the nursery.