One of the most important ways to help children to eat more healthily is by establishing good food habits in their early years.

We offer fresh balanced meals to all children at each meal and snack time. A choice of fresh fruit is available at snack times, morning and afternoon. We also cater for special dietary requirements, allergens and individual preferences. Babies are offered the same meal in a puréed form.

Milk and water are offered to the children at every meal and snack time. Fresh chilled water is available to the children at all times and no squash is served.

A choice of non-sugared cereals, milk and wholemeal toast are offered for breakfast.

Mid-morning and mid-afternoon snacks consist of various fruit and vegetable options, as well as breadsticks and rice cakes.

Lunch is always a balanced hot meal, served with fresh vegetables.

We offer afternoon tea which might comprise of free range scrambled eggs with pitta, jacket potatoes with tuna/cheese/ baked beans, homemade soup with wholemeal bread.

Lunch and afternoon tea are provided by The Nursery Catering Company.

The menus that they use were approved by the Children's Food Trust whilst they were in operation.

They don't add any salt to any of their dishes. They use alternative herbs and spices to ensure taste and flavour.

They follow the guidelines set out by Action for Children who oversee the Eat Better Start Better programme previously carried out by The Children's Food Trust.

They adhere to the standards laid out by Public Health England.

They are also an approved Food Manufacturer and are required to comply with strict Health, Hygiene and Safety procedures.

Please find below a sample lunch and afternoon tea and vegetarian menu.