Our ethos is based on the American philosophy of family values, education, outdoor life and team building. Our ‘American Camp’ style nursery utilises the great outdoors to help prepare children for their future lives.

We strive to help children learn more about the environment and the part we all play in it. We want children to be able to explore, use their imagination and get involved in all that is free to enjoy from nature which forms a big part of our brand and mission; with our new forest school helping the children to experience the natural world for themselves and to learn vital life skills that will help them learn from nature, learn from staff and learn from each other.

Research has proven that that children are stimulated by the outdoors and over time this sees an increase in their self-belief, confidence, learning capacity, enthusiasm, communication, problem solving skills and emotional well-being.

Children will be more physically active, which will help to develop healthier lifestyles. 

We provide a safe environment for children to test their own abilities in a real-life context. This will help the children to enjoy and achieve, to become more independent and develop team working skills.

We hope that our ethos will help the children to form a life-long relationship with natural spaces and the environment.

At The Early Learning Camp we are trying to do things differently. We have a unique vision for our setting and offer a journey for children which will provide alternative ways to learn, grow and develop by hands on experiences.

Our mottos is ‘We care, you care, day care’ and our aim is to have a positive impact on children’s development in the early years, primary school and beyond.