Fun in the sun


Our Little Explorers enjoyed exploring the treasure baskets, feeling all the different items and even trying to eat some of them.

Little Adventurers have been doing lots of wonderful drawings today. They have been putting meaning to their marks. Some children have even been trying to write the first letter of their name. 


Little Explorers had a big box to open!  We were all very excited.   Inside were lots of new musical instruments. We learnt how to use them to make lots of new sounds.

Little Adventurers created an obstacle course! The children helped create it and have been using lots of prepositional language; up, over, down, behind, under, around, in and out!


Little Explorers had fun playing in water today outside; it was a very hot day. We added the sprinkler for the children to run through.

Little Adventurers have been exploring lots of different math concepts today, looking at sizes, quantities and shapes. 


Our Little Explorers went outside to play for a short while, the sun was very hot.  They enjoyed lots of water play with the sprinkler and paddling pool.

Little Adventurers were enjoying the sunshine for the morning, with lots of water play! We have been exploring the forest school area too, looking at the vegetables and fruits we have grown. The children have picked the carrots and some tomatoes and have fed the carrots to the rabbits. 


Little Explorers were very excited to have a new bubble machine.  They watched the bubbles and caught the bubbles, which helped to encourage new words like ‘Bubbles’ ‘Catch’ and ‘Pop.

 Little Adventurers have been very creative today.  They have been doing lots of drawings and paintings and have been helping each other too.