Graduation/end of term


Our Little Adventurers have been getting very creative.  They have created a large-scale collage using tissue paper, pom poms, string, buttons and pipe cleaners!

Our Little Explorers have been creating pictures using different mark making tools. They also had fun reading ‘The Gruffalo story’ together and talking about all the different animals in the book. 


Little Adventurers have been creating some paintings using different shapes. The children were talking about the shapes and the colours whilst stamping their creations. 

Little Explorers used pinecones from the mud kitchen to create pictures to put up on the fence to decorate our mud kitchen area.  They also had our last Jo Jingle session for the Summer term. Yhey danced and sang songs including ‘5 Little specked frogs ‘


Today Little Adventurers said goodbye to one of their little friends who is moving to Germany! They made him a card made with the colours of the German flag which are red, yellow and black! They also painted the flag and learnt some German words such as goodbye and good luck.

Today Little Explorers had fun spending the morning in the garden, having great fun splashing in the water. They liked exploring the water wall by pouring water in and watching where it came out.


 Little Adventurers have been talking about holidays they have been on and where they will be going next. The children looked at the atlas and with adult help we found lots of destinations. 

Little Explorers enjoyed a messy activity.  They used different sized balls to create our pictures. They rolled the balls around the tray and watched the marks they made. They also enjoyed reading ‘The Hungry Caterpillar’ book. They looked at the different fruits he ate and tried to say their names.


Today is the end of term for our term time children and for some children in the Little Adventurers room it’s their last day at the Early Learning Camp before they move onto school! The school leavers enjoyed their mini graduation today with the parents coming to celebrate their big move to a new school. We enjoyed cakes and had a big farewell party.

Our Little Explorers had fun today singing lots of action songs.  They practised using their gross motor skills by dancing to the music. They also painted different animals and let them dry.  Later, they used water and toothbrushes to make them all clean again.