Lots of Adventures


Today the children in Little Adventurers have been continuing to explore our theme of transport. Lots of the children have expressed interests into different forms of transport. The children have been creating more track paintings as they enjoyed this lots last week! We have also taken this theme outdoors where the children have been able to use the large wooden pieces to create their own cars, trains and buses.

Our Little Explorers went for a visit to see the nursery rabbits, Lion, Bella and Skye. We gave them some food and fresh water. We also used a range of sponges to create our own pictures.


Today we had a lady in to take our photos, we all did lovely smiles!

Little Adventurers have been exploring our new role play area lots today. We will be using the Three Little Pigs as our role play theme, to encourage all areas of the EYFS. The children have been building with the different types of blocks today, using various tools and dressing up with hard hats and hi-vis jackets. The children have been talking about the story of the 3 little pigs and have been counting their building blocks and comparing the height of their creations to their friends.

Our Little Explorers enjoyed a lovely session with Lucy and Jo Jingles.  We sang lots of songs about animals and even dressed up as horses.


Today Little Adventurers went on holiday during drama tots. The children travelled in an aeroplane, visited the beach, and even went skiing. The children also went camping too, singing songs around the fire pit.

Little Explorers had lots of fun playing with the shape sorters and stacking blocks.  They were able to find the correct holes to match the shapes and counted the blocks as they were being stacked.


Today the Little Adventurers have been outside lots.  The children have been exploring the colourful water play, engaging with the funnels and potion bottles. The children also enjoyed adding washing up liquid to the water to create lots of bubbles, it was fun blowing them off our hands watching them go all over the garden and our friends.

The Little Explorers enjoyed exploring the newly arranged mud kitchen.  They enjoyed adding water, mixing, filling and emptying containers.


The children in Little adventures have been exploring the new garden tyres, crates, wheelbarrow and building equipment, to make their own imaginative creations. Some of the children enjoyed creating a bus using the tyres and the crates to go on a road trip to the shop.  They brought some tomatoes and chocolate, yummy!

Today in Little Explorers we had lots of fun exploring the garden and especially liked having a picnic in the garden at snack time.