Incredible imaginations


Today our Little Adventurers have been exploring the story of the Three Little Pigs.  Firstly, the children spoke about the story, of how the three pigs set off to build their own houses. The children spoke about the wolf huffing and puffing until he blows the houses down!

Little Adventurers then formed the story using the laminated images, to create their story board.

Our Little Explorers enjoyed mark making vehicles templates with paint today for our holidays display board.


Little Adventurers enjoyed free choice in the morning, selecting toys of interest and engaging with them. Most of the children selected the waffle track, building enclosures for their pet dinosaurs. The children counted how many windows they had and had to think about how they would get their dinosaur in and out of their house.

Today Little Explorers had a session with Jo Jingles singing lots of animal songs and used colourful scarfs to be butterflies.


Today Little Adventurers went on a crazy adventure with the pet dogs in their Drama Tots session. They explored all the different names you could call your pets and all different kinds of pets you can have. They had so much fun.

Little Explorers had lots of fun exploring and playing various musical instruments seeing what different sounds they could make.


Today our Little Adventurers have been exploring different occupations and jobs. The children looked at images of different occupations, with some children knowing the names of lots of jobs!

The children have lots of different aspirations; “I want to be a firefighter” “I want to be a dentist or a teacher!” “I want to be a lollipop lady”

Today Little Explorers enjoyed the sunshine in the garden using water play to cool themselves down, splashing each other and emptying and filling containers.


Little Adventurers have been loving the ice cream parlour role play area in the garden today! They have taken turns to sell the ice creams, asking “what would you like?”.  The children also expressed their favourite ice cream flavours and the colours.

Our little explores enjoyed getting very messy using their feet to paint a masterpiece in the garden.

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