Little Adventurers & Little Explorers - Fathers Day


Little Adventurers have been playing with the doll’s house today and all the little people, using their imaginations lots! Little Adventurers loved creating their own little house with all their friends and exploring different ideas.

Little Explorers enjoyed starting to create their Father’s Day cards using paints and their feet to create a beautiful picture for their daddies.


Our Little Adventurers explored different emotions and feelings today.  We looked at all the different emotions; happy, sad, tired, cold, hot and scared. We asked all the children what they were feeling and why. It encouraged the children to talk to the other children and staff about their feelings and how we could make each other feel better.

Little Explorers enjoyed using different types and shapes of sponges to create free hand paintings with different colours and tools.


Today our brave Little Adventurers had Drama Tots and explored mini beasts on our exciting mini beast adventure. We sang songs about each mini beast and spoke about what they did. Our favourite ones were the buzzing bee and the wiggly worm. Little adventures really loved buzzing around and wiggling with their friends. They really engaged and gained the confidence to tell everyone what each mini beast does.

Little Explorers enjoyed sitting together at the table to create a group drawing with different colours of pens and crayons.


Our creative Little Adventurers explored lots of water mixed with paint. They were experimenting with pouring and filling seeing how much the water measured and seeing what would happen if we mixed the different colours together!

The children were really engaged and had massive amounts of fun getting all messy and wet in the garden and in the room!


Today the Little Adventurers and Little Explores have been completing all their Father’s Day cards for their daddies! We have had some dads and grandads come to join us for donuts and muffins this afternoon, yum yum!